Tuesday, 21 June 2022 09:40

Materials Eng. Dep. sing a memorandum with Al-Isra University College

Based on the principle of cooperation between Iraqi universities, and the keenness of the Materials Eng. Dep. at UOT to boost the academic bonds among the Departments of Joint Scientific Discipline, a scientific cooperative memorandum singed with Al-Isra University College.

The memorandum singed between the head of Materials Eng. Dep. Assist. Prof. Dr. Hussein Alla Jabber & the Dean of Al-Isra University College Prof. Dr. Abdul-Razaq Jabbber Al-Majedy. The memorandum will provide the opportunity for the staff faculty & students of benefit to get participation in capabilities, available scientific & practical experts between two parties that in turn will work to enhance the educational process in the service of our dear country.


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