Monday, 26 September 2022 06:58

 Director of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research Center publish a book

The Director of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research Center at UOT, Prof. Dr. Abbas Khammas Hussein published new book entitled nanomedicine in Dar Al Yamamah Publishing.

The book summary includes that the overlap of nanotechnology with medicine led to the birth of a completely new field called nanomedicine and the importance of nanotechnology in the field of materials and medical devices. The concept of nanomedicine refers to the field that aims to use nanotechnology tools and principles for the purpose of improving human health in all possible ways.

This book, which deals with the basics of nanomedicine, comes in five chapters, which are as follows

 Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter two: the effect of nanomaterials in medicine.

Chapter three: Nanotechnology tools in medicine.

Chapter four: Methods of nanomedicine.

Chapter Five: Nanotoxicity.

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