Tuesday, 10 January 2023 08:25

Mechanical Engineering Department hold a meeting of its General Authority 

Mechanical Engineering Department held a meeting of the General Authority of the department faculty, in the presence of the University President, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban, Assistant President of Scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr. Haider Abd Dhahd, the Head of the Department, Assist. Prof. Dr. Moayad Razouqi Hassan, and all faculty members in the department.

In a speech he delivered during the meeting, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban congratulated the attendees on the new Gregorian year, wishing it to be a year of prosperity and success for all.

The meeting dealt with a number of important pivots related to raising the scientific level and the number of students accepted in preparatory studies through improving the central admission plan, raising student admission rates at the university, implementing ministerial instructions and controls for students with restricted and transit students, and ending the confusion of work on this matter, as well as discussing the law of inclusion the faculty staff of the civil defense guards, shedding light on the preparation of scientific research and publishing within the containers of discreet scientific publishing and its relationship to the annual performance evaluation and encouraging lecturers to continue scientific research and ways to improve it.

In line with the directions of the department presidency and something the department’s employees are accustomed to in honoring the lecturers, retired employees, and lecturers who have received scientific promotions, the university president and the department head presented souvenirs in honor of their efforts during their scientific career, which provided a large group of generations with different sciences in a march full of achievements Academic, ethical and educational.


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