Thursday, 02 March 2023 09:44
A free scholarship of UOT for foreign students (2023-2024)


The University of Technology in Baghdad is one of the oldest Iraqi universities and the first specialized university in the fields of Engineering and Applied sciences, it includes (16) Engineering Departments, (one) Department of Applied Sciences, which includes (6) Scientific Branches, and (one) Department of computer science. The University achieves advanced rank within Global Ranks. It always strives to be the most distinguished University for creativity and leadership within the scientific and research fields in line with society renewable requirements, technological developments and global developments. Therefore, the University of Technology is pleased to announce the opening of the application for a free scholarship for foreign students to complete their preliminary and postgraduate studies (2023-2024). This scholarship is a valuable opportunity to obtain, BSC, M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Engineering Disciplines, Applied Sciences and Computer Science, and to gain Academic and Research experience in the field of study and integration with a new culture. The university will adopt a differentiation mechanism to accept applicants according to the conditions announced on the university website. To view the terms and conditions, 

Submission deadline is expired .

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