Tuesday, 28 March 2023 08:53

Mechanical Engineering Department celebrate Women's Day

Women's Empowerment Unit at Mechanical Eng. Dep. organized a celebration on the occasion of Women's Day, in the presence of the Head of the Department, Assist. Prof. Dr. Moayed R. Hassan, the Head Deputy of Scientific Affairs, Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohsen N. Hamza, and a responsible of Graduate Studies, Dr. Imad Abdul-Hussein.

  The ceremony began with the playing of the national anthem, then reading Surat Al-Fatihah, as a tribute to the martyrs of the educational process.

After that, the Head of the Department gave a speech in which he praised the great and prominent role occupied by Iraqi women as partners in change and progress, praising the exceptional efforts of women, especially in the scientific aspect and their distinguished role in providing society with important scientific expertise and competencies.

The celebration included a group of activities, where Mrs. Hind M. Shabib, Director of the Women's Empowerment Department at the Ministry of Culture and Antiquities, delivered a lecture entitled (Iraqi women, a bright past and continuous giving). Student of Student Activities Department presented distinguished artistic activities, as well as poems that embedded women role & Iraqi mother in sacrifice and altruism.

In conclusion, the head of the department and his Deputy of scientific affairs presented shields and certificates of appreciation to all female faculty staff and employees in appreciation of their efforts, wishing them a happy life full of success, hope and excellence.



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