Sunday, 28 May 2023 09:19

The Department of Materials Engineering organizes a scientific visit for its students to the National Company for Chemical and Plastic Industries

The General Materials Engineering Branch in the Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Technology headed by the head of the branch, Prof. Dr. Jamal Jalal Dawoud, with the participation of asst.L. Nizar Jabbar Abdel-Reza and L. Ammar Musa paid a field scientific visit to the students of the second stage to the National Company for Chemical and Plastic Industries.

It included a visit to four factories affiliated with the company, which are the plastic materials recycling plant, where the methods used in recycling plastic waste and how to deal with them were reviewed, and the single-use plastic utensils production plant, where they were shown how to manufacture and recycle the waste resulting from manufacturing, and a production plant Water tanks, where the stages of production of those tanks and the coating processes for the inner linings of the tanks were reviewed, and the factory for the production of stacking bases, where the machines and the place used in manufacturing and the usefulness of those pieces in packaging and storage were viewed.

The visit concluded with a meeting with the General Manager of the company, Mr. Mohamed Hadi, who in turn explained to the students the mechanism of the company's work and the available capabilities.

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