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The Computer Science Department organizes a workshop on software accreditation standards


Under the patronage of the President of the University of Technology, Professor Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Hassan Al-Ghaban, and under the supervision of the Head of the Computer Science Department, Professor Dr. Alaa Kazem Farhan, the Computer Science Department organized the workshop entitled “Standards for Program Accreditation, Ensuring the Quality of Education and Continuous Improvement” for the lecturer, Professor Dr. Jalal Muhammad Jalil from the Department of Electromechanical Engineering, in the hall of the late Dr. Abbas Fadel Abdel Qader, in the presence of the department’s professors and students.

The workshop addressed the explanation of engineering program accreditation and the definition of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) as a non-governmental organization that accredits learning programs in (applied sciences, computing, engineering, and technology). Accreditation of these programs occurs mainly in the United States of America and also at the global level.

As for programmatic accreditation, it is the Authority’s accreditation of the training program after achieving the criteria for programmatic accreditation and harnessing all administrative and educational capabilities for training purposes in training centers as well as in postgraduate programs.

  The lecturer indicated that the number of engineering departments in Iraq is (500) engineering departments, of which (300) departments were audited and found to not meet the conditions, and that the basis of success in this program is the Lecturer itself, teamwork, and the necessity of having a council of experts in the department that could be composed of 5 people. It meets at least once a year, and one of the obstacles facing the program is the Lecturer’s portfolio, which affects the department.

In conclusion, the head of the department, Professor Dr. Alaa Kazem Farhan, awarded a certificate of appreciation to the lecturer in appreciation of his efforts.

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