Tuesday, 16 April 2024 09:14

 Engineering Department Computer hold a workshop

Computer Engineering Department at the University of Technology held a workshop (Using the statistical program SPSS to illustrate the influence factors on juveniles and their crimes).

The lecture delivered by Lec. Latifa Abdullah Daoud, Chief of Senior Researcher, Bushra Mohammed Aliwi, in the presence of faculty members and department students

The workshop aimed to educate students about the phenomenon and work to reduce it, and to enhance the educational culture in society by focusing on addressing the phenomenon of ignoring women.

The workshop included an illustration of the social, economic, and political pivotal which has the greatest impact on juvenile employment. The questionnaire was adopted for a field survey of a sample consisting of (530) juveniles and the percentages are done by using SPSS statistical program. The results after applying the SPSS statistical program showed that the social axis achieved the highest percentage (63%). 

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