Tuesday, 16 April 2024 09:51

 Electromechanical Systems Engineering Branch organize a workshop on cybersecurity and its importance in state divisions


Electromechanical Systems Engineering Branch at the University of Technology organized a workshop entitled (Cybersecurity and its importance in state divisions) at Al-Kindi Hall, in the presence of the head of Electromechanical Systems Engineering Branch, Assist. Prof. Dr. Israa Saad Ahmed and a number of the department’s lecturers and students. 

The workshop delivered by Assist. Lec. Rafah Karim Mahmoud.

It is aimed to define the cybersecurity, how to protect state institutions in the event of penetration by an unethical (unlicensed) hacker.           

The workshop included several pivotal:

  • Cybersecurity illustration.
  • The difference between cybersecurity and information security.
  • The types of hackers (ethical and unethical).

The workshop concluded by answering questions and inquiries.


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