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A lecturer from the Materials Engineering Department participates in Tikrit University in the discusion a PhD thesis via the electronic platform "Webmax cisco"

The teaching instructor Akram Rahim Jabr from the Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Technology in the discussion of a PHD thesis, Alia Hamed Ali, "Study the Structural and Electrical Properties of High Temperature T11.6 Hg0.6_x Agx Ba2_ySry Ca2Cu3010 + 8 Superconductor"

 that was held in the Department of Physics / College of Education for Pure Sciences / University of Tikrit on Wednesday 22/4/2020, the discussion committee consisted from the lecturers whose names are listed below:
1. Prof. Abdul Majeed Ibrahim clinic as president
2. Prof. Khaled H. Razeej ,member
3. Prof. Nadim K. Hassan , member
4. Prof. Dr. Bahjat K. Bahloul , member
5. Prof. Dr. Akram R. Jabr as a member
6. Prof. Abdul Karim D.Ali , a member and supervisor
7. Prof. Karim A. Jassim , member and supervisor
The professor Akram Raheem Jaber discussing the student via the Webmax cisco platform. In the presence of the college dean and the president of the university through the same platform, they expressed their thanks and appreciation for the participation of the lecturer, Prof. Dr. Akram Rahim Jabr remotely in the discussion
The discussion was conducted in a scientific aspect, and the student was awarded a Ph.D. degree with a (success) grade after completing all the modifications that were made by the discussants.


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