Free transportation service

1- (TR) Sustainable Transportation

 Percentage of total vehicles (cars and motorcycles) Number of employees / Total number of cars owned by the University of Technology (176) cars. Cars are divided into operational cars, service cars, cars for personal use, and (10) motorcycles.

 Cars are divided according to the needs of each department, department or center according to the type of need.

  • The number of university presidency cars is (11), divided according to the departments and divisions of the university
  • presidency.
  • The number of cars distributed to departments, divisions, departments and centers is (79) cars.
  • The number of buses (30) distributed on both sides of the capital Karkh / Rusafa.

2- Bus transportation service:

 The university's bus service is good and operating (28) is divided on both sides of Al-Karkh / Rusafa and occupies all areas within the geographical area.

 3- ZEV policy evaluation / exclusion of vehicles

 It does not exist and its ratio is zero.

4- Zero vehicle emissions percentage / total number of employees.

 It does not exist and its ratio is zero.

 5- Vehicle parking ratio in the department / center:

 There are (5) specialized stops, including (1) a bus stop and (4) parking lots for university employees.

 6- Mwasalat program that contributes to reducing parking spaces and includes:

 First: - Unifying the morning signature and leaving the records at a specific time and obligating them from the special committees.

 Second: - Awareness and guidance on the use of transit buses.

 Third: - Ease of entry and exit for associates to and from the university and the regions.

 Fourth: - Then the interest in bus transportation in terms of sustainability and facilities such as (repair / cooling in the summer). These are reasons that reduce the lack of participation in bus transportation.

 7- The number of bus transit initiatives to reduce the number of private vehicles.

 Buses are available for all areas of the capital, Al-Karkh / Rusafa, at the appropriate time.

8- Pedestrian policy in the department / center

This point is not within the field of transportation. The paragraph provides for the internal passages in the circles and centers.

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