University of Technology is considered  a distinguished and lofty  scientific edifice, we are proud to join it as it is committed in achieving a vision, mission and goals based on resoluteness, excellence  and determination to rise among sober universities. The University has become a scientific and a creative platform a step forward at the local, regional and international levels through offering the best standards of education and applying the highest standards of accreditation, in addition to its great interest in building an educated generation of students with various kinds of knowledge in addition to engineering and technological sciences.

       In recent years, the University has sought to commit to the modernization and development approach of laboratories and curricula, in addition to increasing the support of scientific research for professors and encouraging them to conduct fruitful applied research and scientific publication in the best specialized refereed journals and participating in scientific workshops and international conferences.

  The University also began to invest all the means and capabilities that can help in developing students' scientific skills and their cognitive talents and supporting their various creations to invest them in building the Iraqi personality , in addition to strengthening the aspect of awareness and embodying the factor of self-confidence.

      Since its foundation till now, the University of Technology has been responding rapidly to all the requirements of development plans by increasing the number of students admitted to all disciplines, in that it has always had a high specificity distinguished it from other Iraqi universities, as a specialized engineering scientific university that includes all engineering disciplines and works to provide the labor market and state directorates with all engineering disciplines. Moreover,  the number of engineering and scientific departments are (16) sixteen ; in addition to(8)  eight research, service and training centers as well as the issue of three specialized scientific journals in the fields of engineering, computers, communications and architecture engineering, they aim to spread knowledge in the fields of engineering, technology and science.

     The University is proud to enter the International Academic rankings  and this is considered an indicator and a sign of the advancement and development of the university and the sobriety of its education, and this is an additional responsibility to work and pursue to reach the advanced stages of the ranking to have a high position among the universities of the world. In that , the university has entered for the first time in the classification of The British Times ranking and obtained the ranking (+1001) internationally for the year 2020 announced in 2019, to be the second university in Iraq to enter this classification. The University of Technology has also achieved a significant accomplishment by being ranked (+801) as the best university in the world in the field of engineering and technology. Locally, the university is proud to be ranked first in the local ranking of the quality of Iraqi governmental universities for the academic year 2016/2017, after being ranked second for the academic year  2015/16.

    These qualitative achievements are added to the list of many other achievements achieved by the University, the most important of which is its entry into the international rankings and getting advanced ranks at the local or regional level in the URAP and RUR classification. This achievement is a new responsibility added to the list of its responsibilities towards serving the higher education and its sobriety, in addition to serving the beneficiary parties such as students, graduates, lecturers, employees, engineers and employers.

    Finally, all the successes achieved by the university, and looking forward to achieve in the future, stem from a commitment to the values of cooperation and harmony between the staff  : teaching, administrators, students and university administration which  always works to develop and strengthen the concept of teamwork and belief in the need to open up and build for all new and to draw strategic policies capable of achieving the visions of the university in line with the university's philosophy in achieving the higher national interest and concentrating on the quality of the academic graduate who meets the needs of the local and international market in providing an educational environment that encourages students to innovate and motivate them to be  outstanding students , they are the pillars and builders of a bright future.