The main activities of the Department for 2015


Public authority in the Petroleum Technology Department:


The president of the University, Dr. Amin Douai Thamer met members of the teaching staff of the Petroleum Technology Department and in the presence of the head of department Prof. Mohammed Saleh Al-Jawad and the scientific and administrative assistants on Tuesday, 17.05.2016 in the conference hall.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Thamer welcomed the members of the teaching staff, thanking their efforts throughout the academic year and wishing them more success and progress serving the public interest. The President of the University had also talked about a number of important scientific and administrative issues, including: continued to walk forward and progress to contribute to the development of the department and the university by increasing scientific research and publishing in accredited and recognized scientific journals locally and globally which is reflected positively on teaching staff and the department and the university and the encouragement  of scientific promotions and the need for the conduct of the final examinations / the first round of the academic year 2015/2016 in the right direction by creating the appropriate atmosphere  to the students and provide the necessary requirements and all the supplies. He also emphasizes the importance of continuing open of master's study within the department to find a teaching staff to serve the country, particularly the University of Technology. In addition he also reflects the need to complete the rest of the engineering projects within the university as well as interest in the internet site of all scientific departments, stressing that the University of Technology is a professional University and independent far from the political and economic conditions that bedevil the country.

Prof. Mohammed Saleh Al-Jawad has praised the continuous supported of the president of the University, wishing to continue to support the construction and development of the department.

Finally the president of the University listened to some of the interventions of the teaching staff that aim to develop the teaching process within the department and expressed the readiness of the presidency of the university to resolve them, stressing the need for collective action and concerted efforts among the teaching staff to achieve the desired goal.