Media Unit

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Media Unit

Media Unit was established in 1992 .  The unit is managed by  the administrative deputy according to the  administrative  system  of  the  university.

The unit plays a significant role  in the university, since it  links it  with  both  the external  and  the  internal  sides .  The primary missions of our unit are :

Looking  into and  inspecting the daily newspapers  in order to  be acquainted with  the  published  news and  advertisements concerning the university . 

 :: Preparing and organizing the daily attitudes , which cover the  universitys  news and send  them to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research .

 :: Brining  the  universitys news in to view  by covering them through the media devices such as ; the newspapers ,broadcasting  and  TV. .

 :: Facilitating other  informative media  ,who want to make    interviews  with the personage,  chief  , and other  staff members  of the university  or with the students  .

 :: Holding meetings , conferences ,festivals  and  exhibitions , with the  participation of  academic  staff ,researchers and  specialists in educational  and scientific issues to discuss many general themes such as; environmental preservation ,warning from transmission diseases such as ;Cholera.

 ::  Looking after all the claims concerning the university , which published in other media devices and introduce them to  the intended  sides  .Then the unit   prepares and organizes  the suitable responses to  re-send  them to the published  media .

 :: Finally , we publish  a monthly magazine  named The University of Technology . Beside that we intended to establish   photo, design ,training units    in which we aim to develop and achieve  the highest level for the sake of Iraq and our university.

  M.M  Kassim Hanon