Establishment of the center

the training workshops establishment in 1961 as a part of the higher industrial institute. these workshops was divided to five only as following: carpentary , lathe and fitting , welding , casting and automotive. in 1967 the workshops of lathe separated from fitting and added different workshops to the center which is forming , forging and electricity and addtion to productive carpentary workshop. the university of technology when established in 1975 all these workshops joined to it as apart of the university and the workshops recive all primary grades students from the engineering and scientific departments . in 2004 the center established new units : maintenance , registary , qualifying , training and manufacturing unit. the rule of the center of training and workshops is qualifying and training the students of the university of technology in practice and consistent with the theoretical study through suppliment their information theory applied expertise anables them to keep with technological developments in their fields and work on it as well as access to modern equipment which leading to the integrity of the the academic curriculum. all first grade students from all university departments and advanced grades students in some departments train in the center workshops on process aimed skills to creating able engineers to deal efficiently with the machine . the center also do other tasks related to the implemention of graduate students projects and orgnize countinuing education courses and maintenance and manufacturing . the center aims to strengthen the practical training side for the support of theroetical side of the engineers.