The Departmentís Library   


       The library of the department contains many new specialized scientific books in industry and petroleum engineering which represents academic and scientific efforts of most of the published reports in the fields studied in the petroleum. The books available also cover the academic and scientific aspect of the field, and many of the books has been received recently from the specialized library and these books came from well known and respected English and American publishing press. Another aspect to point out here is that the library also contains many modern scientific periodical papers in the field of petroleum and gas technology.

 The most Important Books Available in the library

book name The author's name Publishing Year


The Chemistry and Technology of Petroleum 4th Edition


CRC Press taylorand Francis 2007


Petroleum Economics Issues and Strategies of Oil and Natural Gas Production Hannesson Quorum books 1998


Fundamentals of Petroleum Gerding University of taxas at austin 1991


Oilfield Processing of Petroleum Natural Gas Manning Penn well 1991


Oil Politics A Modern History of Petroleum Parra I.B Taunsf 2010


Practical Advances in Petroleum Processing Robinson Springer 2006


Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Accounting 4th Edition Gallun Penn well 2001


Petroleum Economics and Engineering 2nd Edition  Abdel-Aai CRC 1992


Creating the High Performance International Petroleum Company Deffarges penn well books 1994


Oil: An Overview of the Petroleum Industry Grace Guif  Publishing 2007


Oil: From Prospect to Pipeline Oil an Overview of the Petroleum Industry Wheeler Guif Publishing company 1981
12 The Petroleum Shipping Industry Operations and Practices Tusiani Penn well 1996
13 British Petroleum and Global Oil 1950 -1975 the Challenge of Nationalism History of British Petroleum Vol. 3 Barmberg CAM Bridge 2000
14 Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Accounting 4th Edition Gallun Penn well 2001
15 Introduction to Petroleum Exploration for Non-Geologists Gallun Penn well 2001
16 Well Test Analysis The Use of Advanced Interpretation Models Handbook of Petroleum Exploration & Production Vol. 3 Bourdet Elsevier 2001
17 Applied Petroleum Reservoir Engineering 2nd Edition Hawkins Pretice hall 1991
18 Stratigraphic Reservoir Characterization for Petroleum Geologists Geophysicists abEngineers Vol. 6 Slatt Elsevier 2006
19 Petroleum Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties Dandekar CRC  Taylor  and 2006
20 Petroleum Production Systems Economides Prentice Hall RTR 1994
21 Petroleum Production Engineering A Company Assisted Approach Guo Elsevier 2007
22 International Petroleum Accounting Wright Penn Well 2005
23 Fundamentals of Petroleum Trading Razavi Fast-West center 1986
24 International Oil Company Financial Management in Nontechnical Language Bush Penn Well 1998
25 Advanced reservoir engineering Ahmed Elsevier INC 2005
26 Working guide to reservoir engineering Lyons William Elsevier INC 2010
27 Well Testing Project Management  Nardone Elsevier 2009
28 Working Guide To Drilling Equipment And Operation Lyons William Elsevier 2010
29 Working Guide To Petroleum And Natural Gas Lyons William Elsevier 2010
30 Reservoir Eng. Handbook Tarek ahmed Elsevier  2006
31 Offshore pipelines Boyun.Gue Elsevier  2005
32 Air And Gas Drilling Manual Lyons Lyons 2009
33 Applied Coal Petrology Crelling Elsevier  2008
34 Gas Well Deliquification Lea Elsevier  2008
35 Petrochemical Production Processes Naderpour SBS Publishers and Distributors Prt LTD 2009
36 Petroleum Geoscience Naderpour SBS Publishers and Distributors Prt LTD 2009
37 Petroleum Production Engineering Guo Elsevier 2007
38 Natural Gas Hydrates in flow assurance Sloan Gulf Elsevier 2011
39 Integrated Reservoir asset management,principles and best Practices Fanchi Gulf Elsevier 2010
40 Enhanced Oil Recovery ,Field Planning and Development Strategies Alvarado and manrique Gulf Elsevier 2010
41 Working Guide to pump and pumping Stations,Calculationd and simulations Menon Gulf Elsevier 2010
42 Working Guide to Reservoir Rock properties and fluid flow Ahmed Elsevier 2010
43 Essential Oil Safty ,Aguide for Health Care Proffessionals   Churchill liring stone
1999 Reported2004
44 Working Guide to vapor-liquid phase Equilibria Calculation. Ahmed Gulf Elsevier 2006-2010
Emulsions and oil Treating Equipment ,selection ,sizing and Troubleshooting
Stewart and Arnold Gulf Elsevier 2009
46 Gas_ Liquid  and Liquid Separators Stewart and Arnold Elsevier 2009
47 Applied Coal Petrology,The Role of Petrology in Coal Utilization Surez_Ruiz and Crelling Elsevier LTD 2008
48 Gasification Higmanand van der Burgt Elsevier LTD 2008
49 Elseviers Oil and Gas Field Dictionary, in English/American,French,Spanish,Italian,Dutch,German and Arabi Chaballe et al Elsevier LTD 1980
50 Design Aspects of Used Lubrication Oil Refining Awaja and PavelAwaja and Pavel Elsevier 2008
51 Reservoir management Dr.Mohamed AL-Ebody University of Baghdad 28-11/3-12-2010
52 Petroleum Refining Technology and Economics 5th Edition Gary CRC press 2007
53 Petroleum Refinery Process Economics Maples Penn well corporation 2000
54 Refining Processes Handbook Parkash Elsevier 2003
55 Engineering Chemistry Qanungo PHI learning private limited 2009
56 Principles of mass transfer Sharma P.H.I 2007
57 Basic Principles And Cal. In Chemical Eng Himmelblau Prentice hall of india 2008
58 Chemical Engineering Design Twler Elsevier 2009
59 Chemical Engineering Part 1 Coulson &Richardsons Elsevier 2006
60 Chemical Engineering Part 2 Coulson &Richardsons Elsevier 2002
61 Engineering Chemistry Singh New age international publishing 2008
62 Heat Transfer Dutta PHI learning private limited 2009
63 Heat Transfer Venkatehan Ane books pvt-ltd 2009
64 Heat Transfer In Si Unit Holman Mc graw hill publishing compang 2002
65 Transport Phenomena Bird Wiley india 2003
66 Essentials of General chemistry Larry K. Krannich Houghton Mifflin compang 2003
67 General and inorganic chemistry Bidhan Chandra Ray New central book agency 2008
68 Advanced General Organic Chemistry Part 1+2 Ghosh New central book agency(p 2009
69 Principles Of Chemistry Tro Prentic hall 2010
70 The Properties of Petroleum Fluid William Penn well corporation 1990
71 Chemical engineering thermodynamics Smith
Mcgraw hill
72 Working Guide To Vapor - Liquid Phase Tarek Ahmed Elsevier 2006-2010
73 Gas-liquid and liquid-liquid separators Maurice Stewart Elsevier 2009
74 Engineering Thermodynamics Rogers Pearson 2009
75 Fluid Mechanics Douglas Pearson 2005
76 Thermodynamics Gupta Pearson 2006
77 Probability in Petroleum and Environmental Chilingar Gulf publishing compang 2005
78 Waste water treatment A.K  Datta Oxford &IBH publishing com. 2007
79 Water resources Eng Wurbs PHL learning private limited 2002
80 Fundamentals air pollution Daniel Vallero Academic pression imprint of Elsevier 2008
81 Environmental science Wright Pearson prentice hall  
82 Industrial environment Amer Ahmed Ghazi and others Dar Tigris 2010
83 Environmental geology Carla W. Mc Graw hill 2006
84 Elements of Petroleum Geology 2nd Edition Selley Academic press 1998
85 Basic Petroleum Geology 3rd Edition Peter Link Evergreen colordo 2001
86 Geographic information system Joshi The Icfai universitg press 2010
87 Principles of Eng. Geology Bangar Standard publishinger distribution 2008
88 Earthquakes geography and management   New age international 2008
89 Geotechnical engineering calculations and rules of thumb Ruwan Rajapakse Elsevier 2008
90 Essentials of, geochemistry Walther Jones and bart let/inc. 2010
91 Geology for all Adel Hatem jozy Rational Publishing House 1980
92 Technology laboratory guide David E. Hegd D.C heath and C 1994
93 The college success reader Robert Holkeboer Houghton Mifflin company 1998
94 Presentations in Everyday life John A. Daly Houghton Mifflin company 2001
95 Nontechnical Guide to Petroleum Geology Exploration, Drilling and Production 2nd Edition Norman J. Hyne Penn well corporation 2001
96 Solar energy engineering Kalogirou Elsevier 2009 
97 Combustion Irvin Elsevier I NC 2008
98 Nanotechnology applications for clean water Nora Savage William Andrew 2009
99 Energy conversion transmission and storage Bent Sorensen Amsterdam Elsevier I N C 2007
100 Engineering materials properties and selection Bubinski Phi learning priva to limited 2009
101 Atomic force microscopy in process Eng Bowen Elsevier  
102 Applied strength of materials RoberatL.Mott

Phi learning priva to limited

103 Conceptual physical science   Pearson Addison Wesley  
104 Materials Science For Engineering Fische Elsevier 2009
105 Electrocorrosion And Protection Of Metals Riskin Elsevier 2008
106 Engineering Materials Properties Budinski Phi leaming private limited 2009
107 Nanotechnology D. Qahtan Khalef Al- Khazraji           d. Rana Afif             d. Asia Basem Dar Tigris
108 Corrosion Abdel-Jewad Mohammed
D. Qahtan Khalef Al- Khazraji  
Dar Tigris
109 A Textbook Of Advanced Practical Physics   New central Book agenicy 2008
110 An Advanced Course In Practical Physics Rakshit New central Book Agency LT D 2007
111 The physics of carbon nanotube devices leonard William Andrew 2009
112  protect metals from corrosion Dr. Ahmed Rashid Mohammed Al-Kilani  printing presses Company Adeeb Oman
113 A New Dictionary of Petroleum and the Oil Industry English - Arabic Ahmad Al Khatib Librairie  pulibdn Beiwat penn well 2006
114 Dictionary of Petroleum Exploration, Drilling Production Norman Hyne corporation 2006
115 Dictionary of computer science Haminghton Lotus Press 2010
116 Applied English grammar and composition Dr. P C Das New central book Agency 2010
117 Modern supplier \ Dictionary English - Arabic Munir B aal-baki Darel Limalayin 2010
118 Ststained content teaching Marcia Pally Houghton wifflin compang 2000
119 Great sentences for great paragraphs  Foles Houghton wifflin compang 2002
120 Introductory algebra: an applied approach Richard N.Aufmann Houghton Mifflin compang 2003
121 Chemical principles Steven S. Zumdahi Houghton Mifflin compang 2002
122 Standard Handbook of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering 2nd Edition Gary Plisga Elsevier gulf prop 2005
123 Statistics for Petroleum Engineering and Geoscientists 2nd Edition Handbook of Petroleum Jensen Elsevier 2000-2007
124 Petroleum Engineering Handbook General Engineering Lake Chief S.P.E 2006
125 Petroleum Processing Handbook Mcketta Marel Dekker inc 1992
126 Handbook of Petroleum Refining Processes Mayers Mc graw hill 2004
127 Reservoir Engineering Handbook 3rd Edition Tarek Ahmad Elsevier 2006
128 Handbook of natural gas transmission and processing SaeidMokhatab Elsevier 2006
129 College algebra Richard N.Aufmann Houghton Mifflin compang 2002
130 Algebra and trigonometry a Graphing Ron Larson Houghton Mifflin compang 2001
131 Student solutions manual algebra for college Richard .N Aufmann Houghton Mifflin compang 1994
132  Precalculus a graphing approach  Ron Larson Houghton Mifflin compang 2001
133 Study and solutions guide algebra and trig. Bruce H. Edwards Houghton Mifflin compang 2001
134 Student solutions guide calculus concepts Harris Houghton Mifflin compang 2002 
135 Students solutions and study guide topics Britton Houghton Mifflin compang 2001
136 Thermal Modeling of Petroleum Generation Theory and Applications Barker Elsevier 1996
137 Theory of modeling and simulation Zeigler    
138 T.B. of machine drawing John   2009
139 Statistics vol 1-2 Dr. ManojK. Bttowal Asian Books toate 2008
140 Basic concepts statistics K.S. Kushwaha New India Publishing Agency 2009
141 Statistics for Eng. And the sciences William Mendenhan Pearson prentice Hall 2007
142 Applied software Eng.Using apache Christian Gross Charles River Media 2004
143 Programming in visual basic 2008 Julia Case Bradly Mcgraw hill 2009
144 Introduction to computer theory Cohen Wileg Indla 2008
145 Calculus Smith Higher Education Mc/graw Hill 2007
146 Differential equations and linear algebra Goode Prentice Pearson Hall 2007
147 Engineering graphics with auto cad heeitt PHI Learning Prirate Limited 2008
148 Differential Equations & Linear Algebra West Pearson prentice Hall 2007
149 Engineering Mathematics Sastry PHI Learning Priratelimited 2009
150 Statistics/vol.11 Bhowal Asian Books P toate 2008
151 Anew dictionary of petroleum and the oil industry english - arabic almand alkhatib librairreon liban -berrut 2006
152 nontechnical guide to petroleum geology exploration drilling and production ended norman jhgne , ph.d. pennwell corporation 2001
153 dictionary of petroleum exploration drilling production norman hyue penn well corporation 2006
154 standard hand book of petroleum and natural gas engineering william & gary plisgs elsevier gulf pro - pu 2005
155 petroleum engineering hand book general engineering larrgw . lake chief spe 2006
156 petroleum economics issues and startegies of oil and natural gas production hannesson quorum books 1998
157 oil field processing of petroleum vol - 1 franis s.manning penn well 1991
158 oil politic samodemhistory of petroleum f . parra I . B . Tawis 2010
159 petroleumn processing hand book johnj . mcketta marel dekker inc 1992
160 petroleum economics and engineering H.K.Abdelaal CRC 1992
161 Greating the highperformance international petroleum deffarges john penn well books 1994
162 oil an overview of the petroleum industry robert grace guif publishing 2007
163 oil from prospect to pipeline robert r. whrrler Guif publishing company 1981
164 petroleum refinery process economcs robert . e maples penn well coporation 2000
165 an introduction to petroleum exploration for non geologists robert stoneley oxford 1995 reprinted 2008 - 2009
166 well test analysis the use of advanced interpretation models D.Bourdet elsevier 2002
167 petroleum reservoir rock &flud properties abhijity . daadeker CRC Taylor & francis 2006
168 college algebra aufmann barker Houghton mifflin company 2002
169 introductory algebra an applied approach richard n. aufmann houghton mifflin company 2003
170 algebra and trigononetry agraphing approach ronlarson houghton mifflin company 2001
171 the cpllegesuccess reader robert holkeboer hoaghton mifflin company 1998
172 student solutions manual al gebra for college students richard aufmann houghton mifllin company 1994
173 earthquakrs geography and management h . n . srivastara new age international 2007
174 Welding metatallurgy Kahtank. m . al khazraji dardjlah 2010
175 adavanced reservooir engineering tarek ahmed elsevier inc 2005
176 chemial enginering thermody j . m . smith mc graw hill 2001
177 text book of machine drawing k . c . john phi learning 2009
178 nanotechnology application for clean water nora savage william and drew 2009
179 programming in visual basic 2008 julia case bradley mc grawhill 2009
180 working guide to resewoir engineering william lyons elsevier inc 2010
181 working guide to resewoir engineering william lyons elsevier inc 2010
182 atext book of advanced practical physics samir kumar ghosh new central book agenirg 2008
183 advanced general organic chemistry ghosh new central book agencyp 2009
184 chemical engineering fluid flaw , heat and mass transfer vol.1 coulson elsevier 1999
185 differential equation &linear algebra farlow. hall. medill west pearson prentice hall 2007
186 electrocorrosion & protection of metals joseph riskin elsevier 2008
187 materialsscience for engineering students fischer elsevier 2009
188 petroleum geosciences n.naderpour SBS publishers & distributor spvtit 2009
189 the al new al. mawrid al . hadeeth amodern enghlsh arabic dictionary munir baalbakd .r . .ramzi munir darel _ limliimalayin 2010
190 princplesof engineering geology K.M.bangar standard pablishers distributrs 2008
191 atomic for cemicros copy in process engineering w. richard bowen elsevier 2009
192 fundamentals of air pollution daniel vallero academic pressis an imprint of elsevier 2008
193 offshore pipelice boyun elsevier 2005
194 differential equations and linear algebra good prentice pearson hall 2007
195 engineering graph with autocad D.M. kulkarni philearning private limited 2009
196 gas - liquid an liquid - liquid separators maurice stewart elsevier 2009
197 essentials of geochemistry john v. waither jones and bartlett inc 2010
198 petroleum microbiology bernard ollivier asm press 2005
199 the petroleum industry anon technical guide charles f. conaway penn well 1999
200 petroleum well construction micchael j. economides john wiley &sons 1998
201 international petroleum encyclopedia 2007 penn well frank T. lauinger 2007
202 hand book natural - gas transmission and processing saeid mokhatar elsevier 2006
203 nanotechnology principles and applications Dr . ahmed ali moosa dardjlah  2011
204 physical chemistry atkins oxford university press 1998 reprinted 1999,2000 , 2001
205 statistics vol . 11 Dr. manojk . bhowal asianbooks pliuate limited 2008
206 engineering mechanicstaties and dynamics A.K. tayal umesh publications 2010
207 fundamental concepts of physics micha elj. cardamone brown walker press 2007
208 quantitive analysis v. alexeyer mir publishers 1979 Re - 2005
209 calculus thomas pearson 2010
210 anew dictionary of the oil industry ahmed sh. al - khatib librairie duliban rind solh squar beint 2006
211 petroleum refining in note chnical language william l . leffler pennwell 2008
212 working guide to vapor - liquid phase Euilibriq calculations tarek ahmed guif elsevier 2006-2010
213 working guide to pumps and pumping stations calculation and simulation E.shashi menon guif- elsevier 2010
214 working guide to reservoir rock properties and fluir flow tarek ahmed elsevier 2006-2010
215 organic chemistry robert neilson morrison pearson 2011
216 learning american enghlish grant taylor mcgrawhill 1956
217 the language of the petroleum industry in english engenej. hall regents publishing company inc 1976
218 petrochemical industries technology and processes chitta ranjan lahiri cbs publishers & distributors pvt ltd 2010
219 petroleum refining technology Dr . ram prasad khanna publishers 2008
220 fuels and combustion samir sarkar universities press 2009
221 fuels and petroleum processing B.K.Sharma krishaa prakashan media (p) ltd 1998
222 fundamental concepts of physics michael cardamonc brown walker press 2007
223 Quantitative analysis V.alexeyer mirpubilishers C.B.S 1979
224 engineering mechanics statics and dynamics A.K.tayal umesh publications 2005 Reprint 2007/2008/2009/2010
225 organic chemistry robert thonton morrison pearson 2011
226 phemistry atkin , P . W oxford university press 2001
227 engineering drawing and descriptive geometry french thomase Me grawhill book company 1972
228 engineering mechanics statics hibbeler R . C Prentice hall simon & schuster 1997
229 ineed to know an introduction to the oil industry & opec opec secretariat org . opec 2011
230 calculus thomas georgeb pearson education 2008
231 fundamentals of thermodynamics claus borgnakke richard  E.sonnting Wiley & sons 2009 reprint 2011
232 physical chemistry peter atkins oxford 2006.2007
233 advanced engineering mathematics peter v. oneil nelson apart of cengagelearning 2007
234 the science and engineering of materials donalod R. askeland cengage learning 2006
235 enghlish in mechanical engineering glendinning eric H oxford university press 1973 fifth impression 1985
236 cisco training course cisco net work cisco systems inc cisco systems inc 1999
237 petroleum refining technology and economics gary james h marcel dekker inc 2001
238 undiscovered petroleum and mineral resources drew lawrencej plenum press 1997
239 engineering drawing A.W.boundy mcg raw hill book company 1980
240 petroleum production engineering acomputer - assisted approach guo boyun elsevier inc 2007
241 refining processes hand book parkash surinder elsevier 2003
242 hand book of natural gas transmission and processing mokhat absaeld elsevier inc 2006
243 physical chemistry atkins atkins p.w oxford university 1998 Reprinted 1999.2000.2001
244 physics for scientists and engineers serway raymonda saunders college publishing 2000
245 laboratory manual for physical geology zumberge jamesh WCB Wm . c . Brown 1991
246 shared earth modeling fanchi johnr elsevier science 2002
247 underground gas storage facilities flanigan orin gulf publishing company 1995
248 principles of applied reservoir simulation fanchi john R elsevier inc 2006
249 waste enginoils rerfining and energy recovery audibert farncois elsevier B . V 2006
250 Biocatalysisin oil refining /164 M . M. Ramirezcovredores & bovole elsevier b.v 2007
251 petroleum engineers guide to oil field chemicals and fluids fink johannes elsevier inc 2011
252 surface production operations / design of oil hand lingsystems and facilities arnold ken &stewart maurice elsevier inc 2008
253 oil pollution and its environmental impact in the arab blan gulfregion AL-Azab , M -iet . al elsevier B . V 2005
254 hand book of pt & p operational aspects of oil and gas well testing mc aleese stuart elsevier 2000
255 pipelrine rules of thumb / hand book mcallister E . W elsevier 2009
256 oxford advanced learners dictionary hornby as et . al oxford iwriteer u . p 2010
257 engineering mechanics staties and dynamics higdon archie prentice hall inc 1974
258 ashort course general relativ ty foster j & j . d nightingale longman group limited 1979
259 process heat transfer kevn D . Q mcgraw hill international com 1965
260 thermodynamics francis weston sears addison wesleg publishing 1953
261 modeling dynamic phenomenain mdsecular and cellalar biology segel leea cambridgeu 1984
262 fulels and fuel technology francis w . and m.c.peters pergamon press 1980
263 an introduction to combusion concepts and applications turns stephen R mcgraw hill international 2000
264 ip standards for petroleum and its products methods foranalysis and testing   heyden and son ltd 1978
265 fundamentals of petroleum chemicals technology belov p mir publishers 1965 russianedi 1970
266 hand book of chemistry and physics robertc et . al the chemical rubber co 45
267 gas and liquid sweetening maddox dr . r .n campbell petroleum series 1974
268 gas conditioning and processing vol 1 campbell dr . john .m campbell p .s 1976 1976
269 thes / turbalentdrag reduction by polgacryl amide and xantan gum2 expermental ahmad adnan atshan mscin chem , eng 2008
270 thes / dissolving and testing of dragreducing highmolecular weight polymers hala saladdin mahdi mscin chem eng 2006
271 thes / study of dragreduction in turbulent flowusing highmolecular weigh hala saladdin mahdi mscin chem eng 2008
272 thes / the effectivenss of dragreducer agents in turbulent two phase flow nacem badul mohsin ismad master of sciencein chem , eng 2008
273 thes / effect of pipediameter outurbulentdrag reduction wisam hadi redho al - saffar master of science in chem , eng 2009
274 temperature composition dependence of kinematic viscosity for oil stoctrs ezzat niazee salaiman mscin chem , eng saddam . universty 1999
275 improvement of pipeline transortation of fuel oil nagham salman hassan mscin chem , eng 2004
276 effect of molecular weight of turbulent dragredeuction with polyisobuty lene add haidar moafaq taofoaq mscin chem , eng 2006
277 introduction to atomic and nuclear physics semat henry holt rinehart and winston inc 1972
278 composition and properties of drilling and completion fluids ryen caeuny H . C . H . darloy george R Graw Gpp elsevier inc 2011
279 applied drilling circulation systems boyun guo , ph.d gefeiliu gpp elsevier inc 2011
280 surface production operations / desin of oil nandling systems and facilgr amold ken & maurice stewart elsevier inc 2008
281 advanced well completion engineering renpu wan elsevier inc 2011
282 fluid mechanics streeter victorl mc gvauhill book , com 1962
283 petroleum engineering gatlin carl prentice hall , inc 1960
284 managed pressure drilling wilsonnc . chin , ph . d elsevier inc 2012
285 amodern introduction to differential equation ricardo henry j elsevier inc 2009
286 modern chemical enhanced oil recovery theory and practice sheng jamesj elsevier inc 2011
287 produced water treatment field manual stewart mauriee & ken amold elsevier inc 2011
288 pipeline planning and construction field manual menon E . Shashi elsevier inc 2011
289 geothermal reservoir engineering mal colm a. grant paulf . bix elsevier inc 2011
290 petrophysics theory and practice of meaguring reservoir rook and fluid transport tiab djebber erlec . donaldson elsevier inc 2012
291 formulas and calculation for drilling production and workover yons william thomas carter norton j  elsevier inc  2012
292 computational tech niques for malti - phase flows yeoh guan heng elsevier inc 2010
293 developments in petroleum science pressure transient formationand well testing kuchuk fikrij mustafa florian elsevier inc 2010
294 streamline namerical well test inter pretatig theory and method jun yao wn minglu elsevier inc 2011
295 bounodary value problems and partial differential equations power david elsevier inc 2010
296 gas dehydration field manual stewart mauriceken avndd elsevier inc 2011
297 gas sweetening and processing field manual stewart maurice & ken arnold elsevier inc 2011
298 fir fighting pumping systems nolan dennisp elsevier inc 2011
299 pipedrafting and design parisher roya elsevier inc 2012
300 petrpleum rock mechanics / drilling operations and wello design Aadnoy bernt & reza looyeh elsevier inc 2011
301 petroleum exploration and production the sea of lost opportunity smith normanj elsevier inc 2011
302 offshore safty management sutton lan elsevier inc 2012
303 matrix methods applied linear al gedaa bronson richard elsevier inc 2009
304 well logging for earth scientists ellis darwin v . julian m . ciger springer sciencet business media 2008
305 calculus / vol 1 finney rossl & thomas georgeb addison wesleg publishing company  1990
306 calculus / vol 2 finney rossl & thomas georgeb addison wesleg publishing company  1990
307 engineering drawng and graphic technology french thomas mc grawhill book company 1972
308 fluid mechanic streeter victor L.E. Benjmin wglie mcgraw hill , inc 1986
309 engineering mechanics statics hibbler  R. C . S . C . Fay prentice hall 1995
310 fundamental of thermodynamic sonntag richard john wiley & sons inc 1998
311 fnhanced oil recovery green donw G . paulwilltlite society of petroleum 1998
312 advanced engineering mathematics kregszig erwin john wiley 1988
313 mechanics of materials H , J . Hearn pergamon press 1985
314 theorg . measurments and interreation of wellogs bassiouni zaki society of  petroder 1994
315 mechanics of fluids potter merlec gengage learning 2012
316 fluid mechan white frank m mc graw hill 2011
317 thermodynamic an engineering approach cengel yunus A . Miehael A mc graw hill 2011
318 principles of applied reserv simulation fanchi , johnr elsevier inc 2006
319 matlab / apractic introduction toproramming and pradd solving attaway stormy elsevier inc 2012
320 numerical metlods ingineering with matlab kiusalaas jaan cambridge university press 2006
321 amodern introduction to different al equation ricardo henryj elsevier inc 2009
322 advanced enginering mathematics onel peterv cengage leariing 2012
323 mechanics of materials gere james m . barryj . gcodio cengage learning 2009
324 introduction auto cad 2011 2D And 3D Design yar wood aif elsevier 2010
325 afirst course in the finite elementmethod logan daryl L cengage learning 2012
326 matlab programming for engineers chapman stephen J cengage learning 2008
327 mechanics of materials beer ferdinand johnston mc graw hill 2012
328 basic engineering mathematics bird john elsevier ltd 2011
329 the properties of gases and liquids poling bruce E mc graw hill 2001
330 introduction to matlab for engineering palmiti william j mc graw hill 2011
331 applied drilling engineering bourgoynejr . adam t society of petroleum 1986
332 physical geclogy plumner charlesc . mc gearg . david & carloson mc grawhill higher eduction 2005
333 mechanical testing moosa ahmed A university of technology baghdad iraq 2007
334 standard H. B of lubrication engineering oconnor jamesj mc graw hill book company 1968
335 petroleum prossing hand book bland williams robert l . davidson mc graw hill 1967
336 general metallurgy servyukov , B . Kuzmin Y . chelishehey mir publishhers 1969
337 websters new world dictionary david B . Gurinik simon and schuster 1979
338 structural geology billings mariand prentice hall , inc 1972