Care for people with special needs

The role of the Special Needs Unit is to provide support and care to individuals with special needs, including members and students working at the university, and to provide them with equal opportunities for effective participation in society. The tasks of this unit are summarized as follows:


1- Promoting personal development by developing their skills and abilities in various fields:

2- Awareness and education, by focusing on increasing awareness in society about disability issues and the challenges faced by individuals with special needs through educational campaigns, seminars and workshops. The public is made aware of the rights of people with disabilities, which enhances their acceptance and integration into society.


3- Social and psychological support, as many people with special needs suffer from social and psychological difficulties as a result of the challenges they face. Therefore, this unit aims to provide social and psychological support and hold social activities that enhance communication and community integration.


4- The People with Disabilities Unit works to enhance the societal integration of people with disabilities by encouraging society to accept them, respect their rights, and help them participate positively in social and economic life, in addition to changing public awareness and eliminating discrimination and discrimination related to disability.


5- Knowing the number of students, employees, and the faculty members with special needs in all university formations, determining the nature of the disability, indicating its degree, and providing appropriate assistance in accordance with what is stated in the relevant legislation and books.


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