The Scholars Capabilities Investment Unit is one of the departments belonging to the office of the Vice Chancellor for scientific and postgraduate affairs at the University of Technology. It is a pioneering strategic initiative aimed at seriously enhancing the university's standing and improving its global rankings. This unit harnesses the capabilities and experiences of returning scholars to the university, aiming to maximize the benefit of their unique knowledge and skills. This investment in their capabilities is a vital step towards enhancing the academic and research excellence of the university.

The unit seeks to achieve its objectives by providing a supportive and stimulating environment for scholars, enabling them to transform their experiences and knowledge into research projects and innovations that enhance the university's reputation internationally. By encouraging entrepreneurial initiatives and directing investment in vital fields, this unit plays a crucial role in supporting scientific and technological advancement at the university.

The Scholars Capabilities Investment Unit initiative reflects the university's commitment to achieving excellence and innovation by attracting and sustaining outstanding scholars. Through this strategic direction, the university becomes a distinguished center for research and development, thereby making a positive impact in the field of higher education and innovation in society.


Improving the University of Technology's global rankings. We strive to develop and improve the university's work environment by investing in the energies of scholarship students, thereby enhancing academic excellence and our position as a leading center in the fields of technology and innovation.


Our mission is evident in our strategic investment in returning scholars. We aim to have a positive impact on the reality of the University of Technology, considering the contributions of scholars to improve the academic environment and promoting innovation.



  1. Enhance academic excellence and the quality of education at the university.
  2. Bridge the gap between education and the job market.
  3. Promote the university locally and globally to improve its rankings.
  4. Develop scientific research and publishing roles.
  5. Connect universities through academic networks.
  6. Increase university resources and improve its aesthetics.
  7. Maximize developmental efforts and serve the community.


Work Procedure:

  1. Submit proposals through the submission link dedicated to the Scholars Capabilities Investment Unit or present them to one of the committee members.
  2. Walk into the Scholars Capabilities Investment at the university's presidency building and interact directly.
  3. Submitted proposals are reviewed during the committee's periodic sessions.
  4. Forward approved proposals to the vice chancellor for scientific and postgraduate affairs at the University for review and approval.
  5. Direct the related parties to implement and apply the proposals in the university.


Tasks and Responsibilities

The tasks and responsibilities of the Scholars Capabilities Investment Unit are varied and include:

  • Analyzing the university's needs for the expertise of returning scholars and determining how to effectively invest that expertise to enhance academic and research excellence in various university fields.
  • Developing comprehensive strategies and specialized programs aimed at supporting returning scholarship students, focusing on developing their skills and enhancing their contribution to the advancement of scientific research and innovation at the university.
  • Organizing a series of specialized workshops and scientific seminars, aiming to provide platforms for returning scholars to exchange ideas and experiences and enhance scientific and cultural interaction among university members.
  • Encouraging and supporting returning scholarship students to publish their scientific research in peer-reviewed scientific journals and highlighting their distinguished contributions in various research fields, which enhance the university's reputation and increase its scientific impact both locally and internationally.



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