The Environmental Research Center at the University of Technology holds an electronic scientific symposium titled " Financial Resources of  the State between Import Policy and Market Economy" in cooperation with the Economic Media Forum

It is held under the sponsor of UOT President, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban, and under the supervision of Prof. Dr.  Abdul Hamid M. Al-Ubaidi, the Director of Environmental Research Center at UOT an electronic scientific symposium entitled "Financial Resources of the State between Import Policy and the Market Economy" in cooperation with the Economic Media Forum and that On Monday, 13/7/2020.

It included two axes; Commodity dumping and green tax.

Where the economic advisor Majid Jawad Al-Amidelivered a lecture within the first axis of the symposium (commodity dumping) in which he explained how the open door policy was adopted, and how this system became to look at the Iraqi economy as if it were the first financier of its economies (crisis economics), reviewing the objective treatments and that the state's economy Programmed and centralized with its interventions.

Then he went on to talk about the second axis (the green tax), so he knew it and explained the importance of following the correct steps necessary to reach a less polluted environment. He also explained that the imposition of the green tax has positive aspects in obtaining a clean environment, and others may be negative represented in raising the prices of some goods, indicating Iraq suffering , like other countries in the world, has a different degree of progress in its economy from the serious effects of environmental pollution and that imposing fees and fines for the causes of pollution is insufficient in addition to bearing the budget for expenditures to implement the Law for the Protection and Improvement of the Environment in Iraq No. (27) /2009 to the possibility of imposing a new tax which is the green tax and determining Supplies to be provided for the ability to conduct tax calculations.