A lecturer from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Technology publishes research in an international journal

The teaching from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Technology, the Assist. Lac, Wissam Mahmoud Lafta, and the participation of the Assist. Lac. Ahmed Adel Abdel Wahid and the Assist. Lac. Muhammad Adnan Abdel Wahab from the University of Basra, published their research entitled “Unevenly sized clusters algorithm with the IDA data routing algorithm to prevent the problem of hotspots in wireless sensor networks In an international magazine and within the containers of the publishing house, Skopas.

This research introduces a new protocol that uses asymmetric network segmentation with the IDA routing algorithm to extend network life. Asymmetric aggregation algorithms reduce contract power consumption and reduce the hotspot problem by using the IDA algorithm to find the best path in the network. Where energy conservation techniques are the primary means to extend the life of wireless sensor networks after dividing the network into feeding groups that achieve long-term operation of the network where simulation results obtained prove that this approach improves the stability of the network and extends its life compared to other related approaches.