The English Language Center at the University of Technology announces the start of registration for the electronic English proficiency course, which will start on Sunday 8/30/2020 until 2/9/2020, and Thursday 3/9/2020 will be the day of the final examination for the course.

To register for the above course using the Google Classroom educational platform, please follow the following steps: -


* Open the electronic form from the following link:

* Fill out the registration form and complete all the form fields, then press Submit  .. You will receive the access code for the class on your e-mail (gmail) that you registered with. Please keep the electronic class code for the purpose of joining the class later. In the event that the course code does not arrive, please contact the center's Facebook page for help.

 (Steps in the process of joining the trainee to the Google classroom)

1- Type the word Google Classroom in the Google browser or download it as an application on the mobile phone.


2- Sign in in your gmail account


3- Click on the + sign at the top of the screen, then choose join class

 4- Enter the code that appeared in the registration form.

 Now you have joined the electronic class for your course, please follow the publications of the professors and lecturers and the required duties throughout the training period, with the need to record daily attendance through a form published in the electronic class every day. Note that there are degrees of participation in duties and daily attendance

  Note: Participation fees will be paid upon receipt of the certificate. Electronic payment service is also available through (Zain Cash) wallet.

For more information, you can visit the center's page on the Facebook website to view the course dates and answer your inquiries