Al-Ghabban chair a meeting

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban, the UOT president chaired a meeting on Monday 11/16/2020, in the presence of Assist.Prof. Dr. Ali Majeed Khudair the Director of the Quality Assurance and University Performance Department, with  the directors of the Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Division in the engineering and scientific departments.

During the meeting, it was discussed number of issues that prevent the completion of the various quality files throughout each academic year, in addition to some proposals that would develop their work.

Also several Problems have been discussed, including the failure to provide the requirements for the work related to matters of quality assurance, the need to enhance the quality divisions with efficient and carefully selected cadres, and the need not to accumulate work in the quality assurance division, but rather to distribute it fairly to the rest of the divisions and working units in each department, as well as the need to take Opinions that are considered by department leaders.

The President of the University praised the work of the directors of the Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Division in the scientific and engineering departments for their efforts in achieving all the belongings entrusted to them and their great role in supporting and raising the name of the University of Technology at the level of annual performance evaluation issued by the esteemed Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, wishing them always have success that serve the university and our dear Iraq.