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The Environmental Research Center Holds a Workshop to View Health and Safety Checking Report

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The Environmental Research Center Holds a Workshop to View  Health and Safety Checking  Report

E.R.C. at the University of Technology holds a workshop according to ministerial & university instructions and directions concerning safety procedures, and under the direction of the Director of the Environmental Research Center, Prof. Dr. Abdul Hamid M. Jawad in the presence of the center’s employees to raise awareness and to get  benefit from the information presented in the report.

Lec. Dr. Mukhalad  A. Hussein/ Head of Environmental Pollution Dept.  at E. R. C.  presented the report on health and safety examination procedures for the department, which was completed by the committee formed according to the administrative order issued by the center, including ,Lec. Dr. Mukhalad  A. Hussein and ,Lec. Dr. Rana Riyadh Khalil and Chief Technical Observers /Moez Ali Saleh, after the team conducted a health and safety inspection for the branches  of the Environmental Pollution Department and prepared a report on that 

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