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The Department of Computer Engineering holds seminars for postgraduate students, the research stage

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The Department of Computer Engineering holds seminars for postgraduate students, the research stage

The Department of Computer Engineering at the University of Technology held seminars for postgraduate students (PhD) in the research phase, under the supervision of the head of the department, Prof. Dr. Hassan Jalil Hassan, and under the direction of the assistant head of the department for scientific affairs, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Sabah Abdel-Amir.

The discussion was attended by supervisors of doctoral students and heads of branches and a number of professors and Phd. students, on Monday, 11/1/2021, and on the conference hall in the department.

Where the doctoral student Ammar Abdel Amir Rashid was discussed for his tagged thesis

“Client-Server Model Based On Multi Agent Mobile Robot Systems”

Under the supervision of Prof.D. Ahmed Sabah Al-Araji  and.Dr. Muhammad Najim Abdullah The aim of this research is to design and implement a multi-agent mobile robot monitoring and control system distributed over floors inside the building to carry out certain tasks.

 In the same episode, doctoral student Saja Diaa Khudair discussed her tagged message

“ Distributed Strategies based on Parallel Processing for Solving Streaming Big Data"

 Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hassan Waheed Jiad The goal of this work is how to deploy a distributed environment based on parallel computing across the cloud to be optimal in dealing with the characteristics of big data flows.

The session concluded with a discussion by a PHD student, Wad Badi Abdel Aziz, for her tagged thesis

"Optimal and Safe Smart Irrigation System"

 Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Moayad Sadiq Karuk

 This research deals with presenting a smart, ideal and safe watering system for the two methods of sprinkling and drip. The Lagrange Multiplier is used in the research as a way to find optimal solutions for regulating water and energy waste when operating the irrigation system. Cyber ​​security methods are also used to detect cyber attacks and threats to maintain the operation of the irrigation system.

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