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Production and Metallurgy Department host the University of Technology Student Debating Festival

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Production and Metallurgy Department host the University of Technology Student Debating Festival 

Under the patronage of the President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban, Production and Minerals Department hosted a scientific and cultural event by holding the University of Technology Festival for Student Debates in its second session at the hall of the late Jassem Shehab Al-Hayani, in the presence of the Assistant President of Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Hussein Hamid Karim and a number of department heads, lecturers and students of the university.

The head of Production Engineering and Minerals Department, Prof. Dr. Mona Khudair Abbas, gave a speech at the opening of the festival, in which she indicated the importance of student cultural, social, sports and artistic activities in university life, which should prevail in higher education institutions.

She added that the university always seeks to hold such festivals and competitions in order to spread a culture of competition and scientific excellence and raise the level of general culture for students towards increasing academic awareness and increasing students' horizons and ambition.

She pointed out, "We are in this festival despite the circumstances of the Corona pandemic and the limited time we suffer from and as a result of the academic and scientific study and the exact engineering specialization at this university, which we must follow up with students, but we are trying to show the other human side in the student's personality, which is the creative and competitive side".

In conclusion, she thanked the university committee in charge of organizing as well as the teaching and administrative staff in the Department of Production and Minerals Engineering for their efforts in organizing this festival, as well as all the students participating in it.

 The festival competitions, whose questions are divided into information in various fields, including science, history and others, began with the holding of the first group competitions, from which the team of the Oil Technology Department qualified to the final stage after winning over the teams of production engineering, metallurgy, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. The winning team was represented by students Hoda Hamed Jabr, Ali Hamid Zughayer and Ammar Abdel Hadi Molleh.

The competitions of the second day witnessed the nomination of the Department of Applied Sciences from the second group to the final stage, which will take place next Sunday, bypassing the teams of biomedical engineering, control and systems, and architecture.

16 engineering and scientific departments compete in the festival, divided into four groups, the first group included the departments of mechanical engineering, electricity, production, minerals, and oil technology, while the second group consisted of the departments of biomedical engineering, control and systems, architecture, and applied sciences, or the third group included civil engineering departments. , laser, optoelectronics, communications, and computer science, and the fourth group included the departments of materials engineering, electromechanical, chemical and computer.

In light of the competition results, a university student team will be prepared to participate in the debates at the level of Arab universities.
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