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Lecturers from Production and Metallurgy Eng. Dept. Participate in an International Conference of Oil and Gas

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 Lecturers  from Production  and Metallurgy Eng. Dept.  Participate in an International Conference  of  Oil and Gas

Lecturers from Production and Metallurgy Eng. Dept.  at U.O.T. Lect.  Dr. Ahmed S.  Abbas, Asst. Prof. Dr. Eman A.  Aoun and Asst. Prof. Dr. Firas F. Sayed participated in the  6th  Iraq International Oil and Gas Conference in Baghdad, which was held at the headquarters of Oil Research and Development Center, in person via  (Zoom) application, for the period from Nov.  29-30, with the participation of (70) researchers from inside and outside Iraq distributed on the conference topics.

Production Engineering and Metallurgy Eng. Dept. lecturers participated in their research entitled:-

 (Studying the Properties of Nano Zinc Oxide Coated on Type 37-2 Steel to Protect Against Corrosion and Prepared Using Pulsed Laser Deposition Technology and Used in Oil Storage Applications).

The research deals with one of the most important industrial problems in the oil sector, which is corrosion, as the aim of the research was to reduce the damages of this industrial problem, which represents a waste of time and money.

The participation of the University of Technology, represented by  Production and  Metallurgy Eng. Dept., comes in support of scientific cooperation between our university and other state institutions in reviewing and solving the problems facing the field of work in the field of the oil sector.

The inauguration of the conference began with a speech by the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the Conference, Director of the Oil Research and Development Center / Mr. Hilal A.  Ismail, then a video recording of the speech of the Minister of Oil Ehsan Abdul-Jabbar Ismail was shown, in which he thanked the conference organizers and the management of the Research Center for organizing such scientific events that serve the oil industry.

On the other hand, the Undersecretary for Oil Refining  Affairs, Dr. Hamid Younis Al-Zoba’i, gave a presentation entitled (The Ministry  Concept  of Gas Industry in Iraq), after which the official spokesman for the conference, former Oil Minister  Mr. Thamer A. Al-Ghadban, gave a presentation on (energy prospects in Iraq, while the adviser to the Ministry of Oil presented For Energy Affairs, Dr. Abdul-Baqi  Kh.  Ali gave a presentation entitled (Iraq’s Road Map for the Transition to Sustainable Energy 2030), after which the conference sessions started with two sessions distributed between Baghdad Hall and Al-Rafidain Hall with the participation of researchers in attendance during the first and second day of the conference and at the Oil Research and Development Center – Al Fiker Iraqi Center for Energetic Studies.
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