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The Electrical Engineering Department holds a workshop on surveillance camera systems

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The Electrical Engineering Department holds a workshop on surveillance camera systems
The Rehabilitation and Employment Unit at the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Technology, in cooperation with the Aswar Foundation for Training and Development, held a workshop on (CCTV systems and protection systems) for students of the fourth stage of electrical engineering and electronic engineering and for the morning and evening studies.
The lecture was delivered by Eng. Taha Zaid Ahmed, Director of Aswar Academy, and Eng. Muntadhar Muhammad Sadiq, with the participation of Prof. Dr. Samim Abbas Salman, and Eng. Chief Engineers Hussein Abdul Razzaq Hussein, Director of the Rehabilitation and Employment Unit in the department.
The lecturers touched on the fact that surveillance commands are one of the most important requirements of the times because they provide a maximum degree of security. Surveillance cameras perform complete control over many places without the need for an individual to monitor them throughout the day, thus saving a lot of cost and effort in addition to many of the features that are available in surveillance cameras such as recording events.
The lecturers pointed out the most important advantages of surveillance camera systems, including: The possibility of long-term live audio and video recording. And the possibility of communication and follow-up via the Internet from anywhere in the world. And live follow-up through MONITOR or a computer in the form of one screen divided according to the number of cameras or in a sequence. And the possibility of follow-up on a mobile device. Displaying surveillance cameras on TV, computer screen, or any other screen. Using surveillance cameras for night surveillance purposes. Monitoring more than one place at one time and from more than one angle. Surveillance cameras are used indoors and outdoors. Filming and recording in harsh and changing weather conditions and re-shooting in slow motion.
The discussion was opened at the end of the lecture and questions and comments were answered.
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