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The Computer Engineering Department holds a scientific symposium on the Recruit of wireless sensor network technology

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Under the patronage of the President of the University of Technology, Dr. Amin Douai Thamer, the Department of Computer Engineering held the scientific symposium entitled " Recruit of wireless sensor network technology in monitoring and servicing the Iraqi Marshlands" in collaboration with the Ministries of Water Resources, Health and Environment and the Department of building & Construction Engineering on Sunday, 26/3/2017.

The president of the university, Dr. Sami Abul-Nun Ajil, the assistant of Administrative Affairs of the University, said that the subject of wireless sensors is an important topic, especially after the wireless sensor networks in our modern world have become a scientific revolution in the field of wireless communications and spread integrated systems as a result of quick developing which it witnessed  integrated systems as wireless sensors connect the physical world with the changing amounts of the digital world

Dr. Saleh Al-Qarawi, Head of Computer Engineering Department, said: "The seminar aims at introducing the application of wireless sensor network technology to monitoring and controlling the environmental systems of the Iraqi Marshlands." The conference reviewed and discussed a number of projects and ideas that can be adopted to contribute to the sustainable management and development of the Iraqi marshes.

The seminar consisted of two sessions, chaired by Dr. Mohammed Najm Abdullah and its determinant, Dr. Riyadh Jabbar Sudani, which included two axes: the first axes about the requirements of sustainable management of the Marshes for L. Serry Abdl-Hamid, the second on the establishment of a continuous monitoring network and early warning system for water pollution and analysis in the central marshes for the lecturers d. Maitham Abdullah Sultan.

The second session was chaired by Dr. Bassem Abdul Baki Jumaa and its decision by Dr. Ayman Dawood Salman, which included the first two axes on the use of wireless sensor networks in monitoring the marshes for the lectures. Moayed Sadiq Kruk and the second axis on the use of expert systems in control stations Water treatment for lecturer Dr. Omar Najdat Captain.

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