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The Environmental Research Center holds a symposium on the principles of empowering women in cooperation with the Center for Continuing Education

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Under the auspices of the President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Hassan Al-Ghabban, and under the direct supervision of the Director of the Environmental Research Center, Prof. Dr. Zainab Bahaa Muhammad, the Department of Sustainable Development at the Environmental Research Center, in cooperation with the Center for Continuing Education at the University of Technology, held a symposium entitled Principles for Empowering Women, coinciding with the celebrations. International Women's Day and under the slogan

 "Iraqi women are partners in sustainable development".

The symposium aimed to clarify the concept of women’s empowerment, which is defined as the process that allows women the ability to make strategic decisions that give them power that enables them to control their lives, and to women’s possession of resources and their ability to benefit from and manage them with the aim of achieving a set of achievements with the help and support of the state and society.

And the head of the Environmental Technologies Department at the center, Prof. Dr. Azhar Mahmoud Halim gave a lecture entitled Pioneering Iraqi Women. The lecture included the pioneering role of women in Iraqi society throughout the previous years, and shed light on the most prominent distinguished Iraqi women personalities such as Naziha Jawdat Al-Dulaimi, Sabiha Sheikh Dawood, Wedad Al-Orfa Lee, and Zaha Muhammad Hussein Hadid Al-Lahibi. While M.D. Rana Riyad Khalil gave a lecture on achieving gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. She referred to the concept of the slogan “equality means business development”, which is within the principles concerned with empowering women. The full participation of women benefits business and society. She clarified the areas of women’s empowerment, including economic empowerment, political empowerment and Sociocultural.

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