Tuesday, 13 June 2017 06:54

The Materials Engineering Department holds a seminar on protection from erosion and control using nanomaterials

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The Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Technology held a seminar entitled "Protection from corrosion and control using nano-materials in the Graduate Hall on Tuesday 23/5/2017, in the presence of lecturers, researchers and graduate students in the department.
 Dr. Nevin Jamal Abdel Qader has delivered a lecture on the importance of identifying the corrosion and corrosion behavior in nano-materials. The importance and possibility of using nanoscale materials, selecting suitable material and controlling corrosion were discussed.
 The lecture focused on the possibility of protection against corrosion using nanotubes, particularly nanotubes for steel pipes, where nano-materials have characteristics that make them high performance to protect against corrosion and isolate them from eating circles.

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