Sunday, 10 January 2021 05:48

In Its 100-year Festival, UOT Congratulates the Brave Iraqi Army

The presidency of the University of Technology, represented by its president Prof.Dr.Ahmed Al-Gabban and the staff, extends the warmest congratulations and blessing to all members of armed forces in the brave Iraqi Army and all its formations in the occasion of the 100 its foundation.

We are proud of what the braves' present form assaults and patrols and the best pictures of sacrifices during the last century and we don’t forget all those whom supported our heroes in the internal forces, popular crowd forces and other brave security categories, with their courage, the generous land has returned today, the land of the forefathers and Prophets, Messengers and pure Imams to appear in its most beautiful form as it illuminates, rises and flourishes with the minds of its students, scholars , thinkers and wise and conscious leadership to re-build , to be grateful for its owners and return as proud as it was.

This occasion carried true meanings and images that will remain firmly in in the minds and memory of the university's staff and fans throughout the daysand the history record it in letters of courage, determinations, scarifies and disdain dyed with the fragrant blood of the martyrs of Iraq.

Today, we celebrate this memory a sacred duty for every Iraqi, remembering the blood of martyrs that shed this land to preserve the identity and honor throughout the ages and times, the last of which was the expulsion of terrorist ISIS.

So, the 6th of January is the day of loyalty, sincerity, fairness and be grateful for all these blood, and the banner of (ALLAH IS THE GREAT) remain and preserved light.

We ask Allah, the Almighty, to bless our great Iraqi people with security and safety, mercy and eternity for our martyrs and be in the gardens of  eternity and sincere our prayers for our wounded to recover.

Every year and the wall of the homeland, its security and safety be good.

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