Monday, 11 January 2021 08:51
Dept. of Chemical Engineering holds a seminar remotely for postgraduate students

The Dept. of Chemical Engineering holds a seminar within the cultural season of the first semester. - For postgraduate Msc. Students ( Tayseer Khudheir) in research stage, her research entitled " Polymer Films Supported by Zeolite and Applied in Processing polluted water". - The second MSc. researcher ( Wassan Farhan) her MSc. Thesis research
entitled " To Inhibit Corrosion of Wrought Steel in Brine Saturated with Carbon Dioxide". The seminar has been held on Tues. 5/1/2021. The head of the Dept. Asst. Prof. Dr. Jamal Manea Alrubayee has attended the seminar with an elite of the Dept. Profs. The researcher's thesis ( Tayseer Khudheir) has dealt with one of the problems that encounter gas and oil sector concerning corrosion in which corrosion causes annual loss in production as a result of failure in oil pipelines that are being rusted. So stainless steel alloys are the most common alloys that are used in oil industry for its strong properties. An organic inhibitor has been used to reduce corrosion average and the corrosion has been measured by losing weight and static stress. - Concerning MSc. Researcher/ Wassan Farhan, her thesis aims to study the separation of heavy elements and radioisotopes from polluted water by using Polymer films.
- In separation and supported by zeolite to improve performance of these films ( Non solvent Phase Inversion and Casting Machine). The polluted water is one of the biggest challenges and problems that encounter the industrial sector.
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