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Environmental Research Center at UOT hold a lecture

Environmental Research Center at UOT held a lecture about enhancement and protection from the Use of Antibiotics, in the present the head of the center Prof. Dr. Abdul Hamid Muhammad Jawad Al-Obaidi, and the Head of the Sustainable Development Department, Assist. Ph.D  Bassem Hashim Farag, in the Lecture Hall / Sustainable Development Department on Thursday 1/21/2021.

 Assist. Lec.  Duhaa Jawad Mahdi illustrated that one of the Sustainable Development goals, is a good health, which means, ensure that all people have patterns' of living healthy. Therefore, a change must be made in the behavior related to the describe and use of antibiotics, as many people resort to using antibiotics frequently and not being aware of the extent of the bad effect on their health and the danger of using these antibiotics without consulting a doctor and to encourage people to use antibiotics rationally through education.

She explained that the use of antibiotics frequently, and over long periods of time is shifted to selectively on bacteria, susceptible species are prevented, while other species are able to see that the resistance feature survives, causing the emergence of antibiotic-resistant species.

The bacterial problem of antibiotics has become a real threat to human health. Reasons for the exacerbation of the antibiotic resistance problem, including excessive ideas or their wrong use to treat viral infections, excessive viral infections, over-treatment, and the patient's persistence in requesting them from pharmacies and doctors

In order to limit the spread of antibiotic resistance, it should be staying healthy by strengthening the body's immune system, raising the level of public awareness, and using antibiotics correctly and under the advice of a doctor.

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