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University of Technology professors among the best career and research path for world scientists for the year 2021

Stanford American University issued a list of the best career path in the world for the year 2021, in a list of the best scientists in the world for the year 2021. Iraq share was 17 scientists only. The UOT share was two of scientists, they are: -

Prof. Ahmed Abdul- Amir Hussein Al-Amri -

-Prof. Dr. Miqdam Tariq Jigan


The list of previous year was included (Prof. Ahmed Abdul- Amir Hussein Al-Amri) only.

The University of Technology has had another honorable scientific achievement in this field, which is the joining of eleven lecturer from UOT among the list of the best researchers in the world depending on the scientific specialization and the research path for the year 2021. The American Stanford University included eighty-five scientists from Iraq among the top 2% among the world’s scientists, the University of Technology’s achievement was the largest among Iraqi universities, with eleven scientists from the faculty joining this list, as the list included:

- Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdul-Amir Hussein Al Ameri.

- Prof. Dr. Evan Tariq Selim.

- Prof. Dr. Miqdam Tariq Jigan.

- Prof. Dr. Ghassan Mohamed Suleiman.

- Prof. Dr. Raed Abdul- Wahab Ismail.

- Prof. Dr. Talib Al-Bayati.

- Prof. Dr. Makram Abdul- Muttalib Fakhry.

  1. Prof. Majed Sakhi Jaber

- Prof. Dr. Qusai Al-Salihi.

- Prof. Dr. Miqdam Tariq Jigan.

- Prof. Dr. Khawla Salah Khashan.

- Prof. Dr. Uday Nayef.

 Note that last year, only eight professors were included in this list.

This list has been published by the ELSEVIER Foundation and on its official website. The updated list can be found by entering the link below:


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