Tuesday, 25 January 2022 06:46

A lecturer from Civil Engineering Department publish a research in an international journal

A faculty member from the Civil Engineering Department, Lec. Alaa Qassem Rahima, published a scientific research entitled: (Adopt an opiemal location using genetic algorithm for audio steganography)

In (Bosnian PEN Q1) magazine, which is issued by the international publishing house, as it is classified among the important classifications, including Clarvet and (Q1) Scopus.

 The research dealt with the application of the approach of hiding confidential information using audio masking to preserve confidential information by masking the image in audio files, and in this work, discrete cosine transformations and discrete wavelet transformation are applied to perform the process of stegan analysis and to determine the optimal hiding location using the optimization technique called the genetic algorithm. The method uses limitation, intersection and mutation factors to choose the best site. It is difficult to predict the sites chosen by unauthorized users because the embedded site varies in information to another. Then the system efficiency ensures high PSNR, SSIM, minimum mean value of squared error and Jaccard which are evaluated on a set data.




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