Wednesday, 01 June 2022 06:12

A seminar at Roads & Bridge Engineering Branch

Under the auspices of the head of Civil Engineering Department, Prof. Dr. Hassan H. Johny to activate & sustain the experience of academic visitor,

 Roads & Bridge Engineering Branch held a seminar about (Problems of gypsum collapsing soils and modern therapeutic methods) in the master hall of the department.

The seminar delivered by the expert Dr. Ahmed A. Al-Mufti a consultant in the Canadian Rocscience company, and a former lecturer at Baghdad University and directed by Prof. Dr. Mohammed Yousif Fatah the Scientific Deputy of Department.

The symposium attended by; Vice President of Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Hussein Hamid Karim, the head of Roads & Bridge Engineering Branch, Assist. Prof. Dr. Makki Kamil, and number of lecturers & employees of the Department, the high study students’, as well as interested & lecturers from inside & outside the University.

In this seminar, the academic visitor talked about his long experience in the field of gypsum soils and he touched to the basic & modern concepts’, and theories related to gypsum soils.

The seminar attracted great interest from the attendees. The academic visitor promised to hold other workshops and seminars in the near future.


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