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A lecturer win a scientific competition at Columbia University

Dr. Venus S. Akef, a lecturer from Architecture Eng. Dep. at UOT, participated in a scientific competition of research project held by Columbia University in USA.

Dr. Venus Soliman said, after winning the global research competition - Weinberg Fellowship in Architectural History and Preservation - from Columbia University in New York - USA, she was officially enrolled at Columbia University with the rank of Associate Researcher in order to complete the research work for the winning research project in the competition

Preserving cultural and architectural heritage in Iraq for positive peace

She added that all the basic seminars, workshops and weekly discussions have been successfully attended.

 She explained that Columbia University is one of the strongest academic institutions in the world, and this opportunity was used to transfer the experience in all its positive aspects to the University of Technology.

She explained that during the period of joining the research grant at Columbia University, there was continuous communication with the President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ghaban &Vice President of Scientific Affairs & High Studies / Prof. Dr. Haider Abed Dahad. It was agreed to establish a research unit specialized in conservation research at the University of Technology, as a result of the positive participation with Columbia University within the same specialization, due to its importance, especially in our beloved country, Iraq - the cradle of civilizations, and also because of the importance of this research specialization and its role in raising professional competencies in the field of conservation and attracting experiences, building cultural relations and exchanging experiences with international universities in this field. This proposal was fully supported and encouraged by the specialist professors at Columbia University. The head of the Architectural Eng. Dep., Dr. Ibrahim Jawad, was also contacted in order to transfer the positive experience from Columbia University to Architecture Dep. at UOT, to serve the goals and vision of the university in developing the skills of students in the two programs for primary and high studies.

For more information on the participation details, visit the following links documenting my victory in the Italian academic international research competition, Columbia University in New York City, U.S.A, the only researcher from Iraq, the Arab world and the Middle East:




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