Tuesday, 21 June 2022 09:48

Lecturers from Civil Eng. Dep. get a patent

Lecturers (Ph.D. student Riyad A. Ali, Prof. Dr. Ibtisam R. Kareem) from Civil Eng. Dep. at UOT & (Prof. Dr. Salih I. Khasaf) from Civil Eng. Dep. at Al-Basra University got a patent, which regards the first innovation in Civil Eng. field that has the ability to represent real earthquakes combined with the forces of water represented by currents and waves and to find the effect of these forces on the dynamic behavior of sea bridges.

The work included the manufacture of a laboratory channel with a length of (6) meters, a width of (1.5) meters and a height of (1.25 meters) that included (Biaxial Shaking Table) device to represent the real earthquakes and their actual directions (X&Y) and approved in the international codes (ASTM & ACI), in addition the channel contains two technologies To generate waves and currents of water with variable characteristics and controlled electronically through an intelligent control system programmed for this purpose.

The innovative system registered as an Iraqi patent approved by (University of New Mexico),


(Innovative Intelligent Laboratory System To Simulate The Real Water-Structure-Earthquake Interaction Test (RWSEIT) and Its Influence For Dynamic Response of Marine Concrete Structures)



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