Wednesday, 22 June 2022 06:38

UOT hold the Cyber ​​Security Forum

Under the auspices of UOT President, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ghabban, and with the participation of the Office of the Prime Minister, the Advisor of the Ministry of Higher Education, the Research and Development Department of the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministerial Team for E-Learning, in addition to participation from international American companies and British universities specialized in building and developing cybersecurity curricula, the Ibn Sina Division at ITC held the Cyber ​​Security Forum for Iraqi Higher Education which is the first forums of such kind in Iraqi universities.

The forum aimed by dialogue to produce cybersecurity syllabus that keep pace with the latest curricula in international universities, which meet the labor market requirements’ & the needs of Iraqi state institutions, especially security institutions, as well as prepare of global educational resources and practical labs provided by AWS and EC Council which sponsored by American University in Baghdad & Iraq Cloud Forum (AWS IUG).

In Al-Ghabban speech, he illustrated UOT readiness to develop cybersecurity curricula of programs for Ministry Council Presidency Office of High Studies, due to UOT long & prominent experience of cyber security discipline.

One of the forum outcomes is to form a group work of developing curricula for studying the professional diploma in cybersecurity technique in universities.

The group work members:-

- Dr. Hassan Hadi / the Advisor of Prime Minister's Office for Information Technology

- Dr. Yousif K. Yousif / Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Research and Development Division.

- Dr. Oday A. Ahmed / University of Technology

- Ziad Shaaban / Director of Continuous Education Center / American University

- Dr. Muntadher Salal / Bournemouth University

- Dr. Mahmoud S. Mahmoud / Mansour University College

- Dr. Nawaris Al-Mirza /Northrop Grumman Corporation

- Ammar Hanon / Professor of Cyber ​​and Criminal Investigation at EC-Council

- Dania D. Abbas / Director of Training and Development Department / Office of the Prime Minister

In order to come up with recommendations that support forum framework content, which target to develop cybersecurity curricula.



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