Tuesday, 28 June 2022 05:59

Registration Department hold a workshop

The Registration Department at UOT held a workshop to discuss the mechanism of calculating the graduate sequences, in the presence Vice President of Scientific Affairs & high Studies, Prof. Dr. Haider Abd Dahad, Vice President of Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Hussain Hamid Karim, & number of heads of scientific and engineering departments, in the control and systems engineering department hall.

The workshop included a discussion of the ministerial committee’s proposals regarding the mechanisms and criteria of granting sequences for graduates at colleges' level with multiple departments and at universities level of different specializations and was managed by Vice President of Scientific Affairs and director of registration and student affairs, Dr. Soudad Essam Younis.

The workshop’s axes were a review and clarification of the mechanism sequences in force at the present time, which stipulates that priority should be given to graduates' sequences in colleges of multiple departments, based on the sequences of their departments, first, by sorting them according to their average, followed by seconds then third on the departments, and so on. Then a review and clarification the mechanism advantages that in force and the reasons the Ministry adoption since 2011 until now instead of given the sequences according to the average only. The most important of which is:

-  To avoid repeating the top students' of the same department.

- To clarify the reasons of UOT objection and some other universities.

- The disadvantages of application of the approved mechanism in terms of adopting the sequence without taking into account the differences large averages, which can give a sequence (intermediate) for the first graduate for example, and give him preference over a second graduate whose rating is very good.

- Discuss the proposals of universities and the ministerial committee by adopting additional criteria in given sequences such as the average and the number of graduates in each department relative to the total number of graduates, as well as the sequence.

- Clarifying the reasons of the Ministerial Committee excluding the mechanisms that adopt the additional standards in given sequences, which leads to a change in graduate rates and the difficulty of application, not to mention the possibility of changing the sequence of the first graduate to the college, which is completely unacceptable.




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