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UOT celebrate the International Women Day 

Under the patronage of the UOT President, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ghabban, and organized by the Cultural Division at the Vice President of Scientific Affairs Office, the team of (A-Iraqia here), with the support of the Iraqi Engineers Syndicate. Control and Systems Eng. Dep. held a celebration on the occasion of the International Women Day (Our Engineer is Our Hope).

 The celebration attended by UOT President, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghaban, Vice President of Scientific Affairs & High Studies, Prof. Dr. Haider Abed Dahad, Vice President of Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Hussein Hamid Karim, the head of the Control and Systems Eng. Dep. Dr. Azad Rahim Karim, and elite of UOT lecturers & presidents.

The UOT President speech on this occasion said, “I congratulate the female engineers on this day & the great pioneering role of the female cadre, especially the role of female engineers, noting proudly that the UOT hosts these events to value the role of women & educated woman in particular, adding that he gives hand of cooperation with thanks and praise, and that women took their real role in ascending positions and also effectively exercise its role to prove existence.

The head of Al-Iraqia Huna team, Eng. Shaima Behzad, said: “We meet today to celebrate, as engineers in general and women engineers in particular, the International Day for Engineer Women, which is in fact the third celebration of female engineers. The first was in the University of Technology, the second was at the University of Information Technology, so the celebration returned to the Origin University of engineering Faculties, Al-Iraqia Huna team participated in organizing all these celebrations. After that, she mentioned Al-Iraqia Huna team activities’, which are one hundred and fifty diverse volunteer activities.

The celebration included honoring of UOT elite academies presented by the official of the Cultural Division at UOT, Dr. Venus Salman, and then a success story item presented, for one of the female engineers of the military corps. A collection of biographies of the Iraqi creators presented by Eng. Rahma Khaled of Al-Iraqia Huna. Then a poetry collection delivered by Eng. Hasina Abbas on this occasion, then she presented a success story to one of architecture students at UOT, Reem Wajih.

At the conclusion of the celebration, the creative female engineers were honored and memorial photos were taken with the President of the University of Technology.


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