Sunday, 17 July 2022 08:12

The University of Technology hold a meeting

Under the auspices of UOT presidency, a joint committee signed the minutes of the meeting on the development of curricula for studying cybersecurity technology, which includes specialized recommendations related to the cybersecurity curriculum within the high studies program approved by the Office of the Prime Minister at the University of Technology, the University of Baghdad and the University of Mosul for the academic year 2022-2023.

The results of the first forum for cybersecurity in Iraqi higher education, which was held by the University of Technology on the fourth of June 2022, under the patronage of UOT President, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ghaban & in the participation of the Prime Minister Office and the Advisor to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, & several Iraqi international companies and universities.

The committee consist of:

  • Hassan Hadi / Advisor of the Prime Minister’s Office for Information Technology Affairs.
  • Youssef Khalaf Yousef / Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Research and Development Department.
  • Uday Ali Ahmed / University of Technology.
  • Ziad Shaaban / Director of the Continuing Education Center / American University.
  • Mutadher Salal / Bronmaath University.
  • Mahmoud Shukr, Mahmoud / Al-Mansour University College.
  • Nawaris Al-Mirza / Northrop Grumman.
  • Ammar Hanoun / Professor of Cyber ​​and Criminal Investigation / EC-Council.
  • Dania Dahir Abbas / Director of Training and Development Department in the Office of the Prime Minister.

The minutes focused on developing mechanisms through which curricula prepared by the scientific committees in the concerned colleges. The American University, through the Director of the Continuing Education Center, expressed its support for the government’s steps in the field of studying and training cybersecurity technology, and the guests from Britain and America reviewed the most important mechanisms used to support and motivate those wishing to study cybersecurity technology and the most important of the common global vocabulary that can be used in professional study, and the conferees came up with several recommendations.


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