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Biomedical Engineering Department organize a workshop entitled '' The educational and moral role in combating intellectual extremism and deviation ''

Biomedical Engineering Department at the University of Technology held a workshop entitled '' The educational and moral role in combating intellectual extremism and deviation ''

The lecture delivered by Lec. Dr. Ali Fadl Baiwi, and Lec. Dr. Ali Nasser, in the presence of a number of facuty staff and members of the department

The workshop discussed how to clarify the education role as an important and effective means of preventing, confronting and combating intellectual extremism and deviation, which have become a growing international trend in recent years.

The workshop also included clarifying the concept of intellectual extremism and how it turns into violence and terrorism that threatens society, as universities play a decisive role in confronting violent extremism and terrorism through their contribution to activities and events that contribute to eliminating violence and extremism, and the importance of developing training programs to develop the capabilities of faculty staff in educational institutions in confront wrong phenomena and spread the values and principles of tolerance and constructive communication through its curricula and activities. The intellectual built of the student will be through protecting him from extremism and terrorism by formulating an educational discourse which enhances the values of citizenship, national and cultural identity in aim of participating in sustainable peace and the development of society and humanity. the growth of social and moral responsibility in any society would strengthen the government’s efforts in confronting extremism and terrorism, because it means a high level of awareness among its members, and increasing awareness among its institutions of the danger of this phenomenon, and the necessity of working to confront it through a comprehensive and integrated strategy as well.

At the end of the workshop, Dr. Ali Fadl presented a set of recommendations and proposals, the most important of which is

- Establish an international strategic center to combat extremism, its main headquarters in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research - or any institution with the same goals.

- Seeking to create units to combat extremism in every college or university concerned monitoring and confronting intellectual extremism in all its forms.

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