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Under the supervision of the president of University Of Technology, Professor Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ghuban, and under the slogan 'Combatting Drugs: A National Responsibility,' the university of technology is hosting its first conference titled 'the health and psychological effects of drugs: prevention and treatment methods.' the conference was attended by the president of University Of Technology, professor Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ghuban, along with the deputy presidents of the university for scientific affairs, professor Dr. Khawla Salah khushan, and for administrative affairs, professor Dr. Farhad Mohammed Osman, as well as heads of Engineering And Scientific Departments, representatives from the Ministry of interior, Ministry of health, Faculty members, staff, and students of the university.

The conference seeks to educate society about the severe health and psychological repercussions of drug abuse, fostering a deeper understanding of this issue. It serves as a platform for researchers to share insights on the impact of drug abuse, analyze its causes, propose prevention methods, and intervene to minimize its effects. Additionally, the conference aims to exchange best practices in treating drug abuse and enhance collaboration between universities and relevant institutions to combat this problem collectively. Lastly, it aims to promote scientific research and innovation in mental health and neuroscience to devise effective solutions.

The conference began with a recitation from the holy Quran and the reading of surah al-Fatiha for the souls of Iraq’s martyrs, followed by the national anthem.


President of the University Of Technology, professor Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ghuban, delivered the conference's speech on the health and psychological effects of drugs, stating that the problem of drug proliferation, trafficking, and abuse poses one of the most dangerous threats to human society due to its destructive effects on all aspects of Societal, Physical, Mental, Social, Economic, And Political Structures. Conferences have been held, legislation enacted, and agreements signed to criminalize drug-related activities including cultivation, trade, and trafficking, with efforts focused on prevention and rehabilitation through specialized centers for addiction victims.


Dr. Abdul Hameed Saleh Al-Barak highlighted the issue of drug proliferation as a serious threat to both individual and societal levels in Iraq. He emphasized the importance of collaboration between universities, higher education institutions, and health and security departments to confront this dangerous phenomenon for a better future.


Dr. Maarib Yousef Hamdan from the ministry of Higher Education And Scientific Research spoke about the role of supervision and scientific evaluation in analyzing the compliance of governments with international treaties, proposed key axes for combating drugs, drug policy, and their effects on achieving the goals of sustainable development by 2030.


Dr. Mariam Abdulhadi from the ministry of health, channel rehabilitation center, and drug treatment division, presented a lecture titled 'Addiction: Causes And Solutions,' addressing the reasons for drug abuse at the individual, family, and societal levels, and the role of families in prevention and protection against drug abuse.


The conference concluded with the honoring of the university president by awarding certificates of appreciation to the speakers."

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