Health Center at University of Technology

University of Technology cares about employees' health. Health center was established within our University that provides and free of charge for children and pregnant women.

Services: Health center services include primary health care services, health screening and examination of students, medical laboratory tests, radiology, sonar and ECG, as well as pulmonary and gynecological examinations.


Dental unit:  including regular tooth extraction, surgical extraction, gum surgery, temporary and permanent filling, as well as the dental cleaning.

Vision Unit: includes computer vision examination, ophthalmology and circumocular examination in addition to the vision test.
Audiology Unit: The services include an audiogram and ear examination.
Other services: The services include wound treatment, surgical sutures lifting, and injection
The Health Center at UOT receives an average of 250 to 200 patients per month. The Medical Laboratory Unit at the Health Center monthly examinations is ranging from 100-120 laboratory tests to 50 monthly patients.

The main goal of the establishment of this center is the health care of the employees by providing medical services at token fees to ensure their professional safety.

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