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Ejector HVAC System  Dr. Hongbin, Ma University of Missouri-Columbia (USA)


Artificial Intelligence Driven Investigation of Carbon Nanotube Forests  Dr. Taher Hajilounezhad  University of Missouri-Columbia (USA)


Two Methods to Assess Aortic Compliance Using Blood Pressure and Pulse - Wave Velocity  Dr. Mouayed Al-Toki  University of Missouri-Columbia (USA)


Nano-Layer Deposition in Liquid Hydrocarbons using Condensed Water Film Dr. Ahmed M. Jasim  University of Missouri-Columbia (USA) 


The Construction Project Delivery and Procurement Trends  Dr. Ahmed Al-Bayati  Lawrence Technological University (USA)


European Supply Chains After COVID Dr. Ilias P. Vlachos   La Rochelle Business School (France)


Know the Power Transformer Practically  Mr. B. Koti Reddy  Department of Atomic Energy (India)


Cryo-EM based Protein Molecular Structure Modeling  Dr. Adil Al-Azzawi University of Missouri-Columbia (USA) 


MEMS Based Biosensor & Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor  Dr. Ibrahem Hashim M. Jasim University of Missouri-Columbia (USA) 


SUSTAINABLE OPERATION MANAGEMENT OF INDUSTRY 4.0 THROUGH SIMULATION  Dr. Mazlina Abdul Majid  University Malaysia Pahang (UMP), Malaysia


Modeling and Experimentation of Fluid-Thermal-Mechanical Interaction in Engineered Systems Dr. Gary L. Solbrekken   University of Missouri-Columbia,(USA)


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The vision of the Employment, Rehabilitation and Follow-up Division

Developing, qualifying and building the graduates' self-skills in line with the local market requirements.

The Message of the Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Division

 Rehabilitating the  University students to upgrade their scientific and technical capabilities and supporting  them through rehabilitation and training programs and enhancing  cooperation with public and private sector companies for the purpose of employment.

The Objectives of the Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Division

Introducing students and graduates to the importance of training courses and workshops that qualify them to compete in obtaining the best job opportunities and keep pace with the development in private sector companies.

  • Obtaining information from graduates about the curricula that have been used in practical life and what are the curricula that can be added, and approaching the relevant authorities regarding adding these curricula.
  • Meeting the requirements of the government and private sector from the university’s cadres in engineering and scientific specializations, and for both sexes.
  • To actively participate in reducing the unemployment rate for graduates.

The Tasks of the Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Division

  • Preparing and implementing training programs and workshops for students and graduates in line with the labor market.
  • Holding courses on how to write a CV, methods of personal interviews, and English language courses.
  • Holding the annual job fair by inviting private sector companies, employers and university graduates.
  • Providing advice and guidance to students and graduates on how to prepare for a job search.
  • Encouraging students to establish their own projects through joint courses and workshops with the private sector and periodic competitions with other universities.
  • Working to spread the culture of entrepreneurship and trying to change the misconceptions of new

students and graduates about relying only on government jobs and trying to get jobs that suit their abilities and scientific specialization by working in the private sector or by setting up their own projects.

  • Activating electronic workshops and courses in cooperation with private sector companies.

The number of students who were trained until December 31, 2019 is (5864) students

The number of students who were appointed until December 31, 2019 is (904) students




Conferences, Workshops And Seminars

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Petroleum Technology Dept. holds a Scientific Symposium Under the patronage of the President of UOT, Prof. Dr. Ahmed M. Hassan Al-Ghabban, and under the supervision of the head of the dept., Prof. Dr. Fadhel S. Kazim, Petroleum Technology Dept.

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